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[Bug 12399] <video> Expose statistics for media elements

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--- Comment #8 from Silvia Pfeiffer <silviapfeiffer1@gmail.com> 2011-10-05 01:43:19 UTC ---
I had discussions with YouTube about the proposed metrics. Here's some

"Without a "download time" metric, i.e. the total amount of time spent thus far
loading video data, the "bytes downloaded" metric is not especially useful,
because we will need to expect differences in download-start-time behavior
between browsers.

Measuring the download time through JavaScript would both be difficult and
error-prone. "Download time" has to stop counting when there's suddenly no
connection, for example. Also, in order to be accurate, it has to start
instantaneously when any downloading begins, and end instantaneously when any
downloading stops, possibly faster than a JavaScript event timer will fire.

While developers could watch networkState, that's a lot of possibly-complex and
error-prone code that would have to be duplicated by every developer who wants
to know this information, instead of having it simply provided by the platform
(which is probably actually more capable of tracking this information simply
than we would be as JS developers)."

So, there is suggestion to add a downloadTime metric for:
The time since first HTTP request is sent until now or the download
stops/finishes/terminates (whichever is earlier).

I've also added this to the proposal in the WHATWG wiki.

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