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[Bug 8735] Add rel="edit" to list of defined types

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Date: Wed, 11 May 2011 20:49:27 +0000
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--- Comment #5 from Aryeh Gregor <Simetrical+w3cbug@gmail.com> 2011-05-11 20:49:24 UTC ---
There is no spec that I'm aware of, nor am I aware of any users.  MediaWiki
will output it by default.  My primary motivation for asking for this was that
I'd like to get rid of the rel="alternate" nonsense, which MediaWiki also
outputs by default.  I hoped that having it someplace official-looking would

The semantics should be that the given URL can be used to edit the contents of
the current page.  I don't see that javascript: should be any different from
other schemes.  It should be allowed on <a> as well, so that it wastes less

However, if the idea is that the spec should only contain values that are
established and implemented, this bug should probably be closed WONTFIX or
LATER or such, since this isn't (AFAIK).  If I had the time and inclination,
I'd write a spec and try to get it supported in the Firefox extension and such,
but I don't.

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