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[Bug 12106] 1. <quote> <!DOCTYPE HTML> </quote> Is this declaration part of an html document? Or is this part of a Document Type Definition (DTD)? Where are DTDs for html documents defined? 2. <title> Resource metadata management </title> <quote> A Document is always

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--- Comment #2 from Ian 'Hixie' Hickson <ian@hixie.ch> 2011-05-04 23:08:56 UTC ---
> Is this declaration part of an html document?


> Or is this part of a Document
> Type Definition (DTD)?


> Where are DTDs for html documents defined?

There are no official DTDs for HTML.

> "A Document is always set to one of three modes: no-quirks mode, the default;
> quirks mode, used typically for legacy documents; and limited-quirks mode,
> also known as "almost standards" mode. The mode is only ever changed from the
> default by the HTML parser, based on the presence, absence, or value of the
> DOCTYPE string."
> Where do I define, which of the above modes a document is in?

You don't, ideally. If you follow the spec rules, you'll always be in no-quirks

> "This specification refers to both HTML and XML attributes and IDL attributes,"
> Does this specification refers to all three or only to two (both?) of the
> above attribute series? 

It refers to HTML and XML attributes, and to IDL attributes. HTML and XML
attributes are the same thing for the purposes of this text.

> In the entire document it remains unclear, whether the standard pertains only
> to static html/xhtml (as e.g. sent from a web server) or also to dynamic
> html/xhtml (as e.g. produced by javascript invoked by user interaction). User
> Agents, in some cases, behave differently when receiving a text/html document
> from the web server, as opposed to when they execute javascript commands to
> generate dynamically the same content. 
> Are such User Agents not-conforming to this standard?

The spec is intended to cover all of this. Can you clarify why this is not
clear? I'm happy to make it clearer, but am not sure where to start.

> Could you please make a statement, that the character encoding of an XML
> attribute is defined by the Document Type Definition (e.g. <?xml version="1.0"
> encoding="utf-8"?>

Not sure what this means.

> Regarding the examples:
> I would expect, that in a standard document the examples are reproducible in
> all aspects, so that when I try an example in a User Agent, I get exactly what
> the document says, the example should produce. This is, however, not the case
> in many examples for 
> <title>
> Tabular Data
> </title>
> At least as far as border reproduction is concerned, practically all examples
> fail, i.e. the examples do not show the border as it should according to the
> document. And an example, which makes me first search the error does not help
> very much. 

HTML doesn't guarantee a particular presentation. You will need to use CSS to
change the presentation.

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