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[Bug 12586] Suggest using Typed Array for ImageData pixels. Add a new 'buffer' attribute that references ArrayBuffer of the pixel data. Convert 'data' (CanvasPixelArray) to Uint8Array view of 'buffer'.

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Date: Tue, 03 May 2011 02:20:08 +0000
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Joel Martin <w3.org@martintribe.org> changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
                URL|http://www.whatwg.org/specs |http://www.whatwg.org/specs
                   |/web-apps/current-work/#the |/web-apps/current-work/#can
                   |-canvas-state               |vaspixelarray
                 CC|                            |w3.org@martintribe.org
           Severity|normal                      |enhancement

--- Comment #1 from Joel Martin <w3.org@martintribe.org> 2011-05-03 02:20:07 UTC ---
If necessary 'CanvasPixelArray' could be alias for Uint8Array type if it is
believed that scripts are actually checking the type of CanvasPixelArray.

This accomplishes a couple things:
- consolidate binary array data types (focus browser optimization resources)
- allows developers to create a Uint32Array from the raw ArrayBuffer to access
whole pixels at a time.

Typed Array views and the CanvasPixelArray definition are largely compatible
(with the typed array definition actually having more power).

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