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[Bug 9670] Allow "size" attribute for input-type "number"

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Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2011 13:46:15 +0000
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Ross Nicoll <jrn@jrn.me.uk> changed:

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--- Comment #5 from Ross Nicoll <jrn@jrn.me.uk> 2011-03-31 13:46:11 UTC ---
The "size" attribute however is needed as a rendering hint, and cannot always
be inferred correctly. It may need to be shorter than the maximum possible
value, for example if rendering a data table where horizontal space is at a
premium (this is the case that I'm looking at). It might also want to be longer
than the maximum possible value, for example to match width of other fields in
the same form, for appearance purposes.

I suppose theoretically it could be sized using CSS, but surely if that's the
correct response there's no need for the "size" attribute anywhere? It would
seem a lot more straight forward to remove the explicit disallowing of "size"
on number fields. Firefox & Chrome I believe both implement this anyway (Opera
does mis-render such fields, though).

With respect to the "maxlength" attribute, I think it is okay to infer from
other attributes. In theory it might be important if the data is stored
server-side to a certain number of significant digits, rather than by min/max &
scale, but that seems an odd case.

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