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[Bug 10828] i18n comment 4 : at least by default, <br> should constitute a bidi paragraph break

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Date: Wed, 23 Mar 2011 02:40:53 +0000
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--- Comment #59 from fantasai <fantasai.bugs@inkedblade.net> 2011-03-23 02:40:47 UTC ---
Here's the implementation data from smontagu's tests:

Impl      <BR>     <PRE> CR/LF
IE7        PS          PS
IE8        LS          LS
IE9        LS          PS
Chrome9   PS/LS       PS/LS
Safari5   PS/LS       PS/LS
FF3.6      LS          LS
Opera11    LS          LS

WebKit's behavior is really weird. Whether the break is LS or PS seems to
depend on what type of content is near the break: if there is an *embedded*
element after the <br>, it's treated as LS (the RTL effect passes through the

To summarize, the ideal behavior would be IE9's, i.e.
Ideal      LS          PS
The safest behavior is probably IE7's,
Safe       PS          PS

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