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[Bug 12245] @size on <select> drop-downs is not enough to specify the drop-down maxlength on long options lists with scrollbars

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--- Comment #13 from Jonas Sicking <jonas@sicking.cc> 2011-03-22 00:24:03 UTC ---
First off, the way that @size works is how things have worked for ages. Every
time you see a list on a website, such as the cc-list on this very page, it
relies on @size to accomplish this. It sucks, but changing it will break a very
large percentage of sites on the web so it unfortunately that isn't an option.
So whatever solution we'll come up with here will have to involve some other

So, that said, moving on to the actual problem at hand:

Isn't this a quality-of-implementation issue? What you are saying is that in
some browsers, having a <select> with a large number of elements results in
unusable UI. So you are asking for a mechanism to set the size of the dropdown
so that you can take responsibility for keeping it usable.

Rather than adding a mechanism for "Useable UI please!", why not always require
browsers to have usable UI? I.e. is there a use case for showing exactly X
number of items in the dropdown, or do you simply not want it to grow large
enough to become unusable?

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