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[Bug 12325] Consequences of <table role=presentation> (layout tables)

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Rich Schwerdtfeger <schwer@us.ibm.com> changed:

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--- Comment #2 from Rich Schwerdtfeger <schwer@us.ibm.com> 2011-03-17 05:51:26 UTC ---
Please read the text for role="presentation" where it defines the meaning of
required owned children:

"The presentation role is used on an element that has implicit native
semantics, meaning that there is a default accessibility API role for the
element. Some elements are only complete when additional descendant elements
are provided. For example, in HTML, table elements (matching the grid role)
require tr descendants (the row role), which in turn require th or td children
(the gridcell, columnheader, rowheader roles). Similarly, lists require list
item children. The descendant elements that complete the semantics of an
element are described in WAI-ARIA as required owned elements."

So, <th>, <tbody>, <thead>, <tfoot> etc. all disappear when mapping to
accessibility API as these are considered required owned elements. Furthermore,
platform accessibility APIs to date throw away tbody altogether when mapping to
platform accessibility APIs. These are considered required owned elements as
they complete the semantic structure of a table. 

I am not sure what it means to be a legacy AT. However, JAWS is what I consider
to be a legacy AT and who supports ARIA. role="presentation" is applied to
within Dojo and it does not have a problem with <th>, etc.

When you apply a role on top of elements that are deemed presentational the
assume the new role.

so, I am having difficulty seeing the issue you are trying to raise. The ARIA
spec. is clear.

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