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[Bug 11912] HTML5 provides an opportunity to fix a long-running problem with HTTP Authentication. HTTP Authentication is important, because it is the only way to execute a request with 100% certainty that the user has provided an authentication secret. Furthermore,

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Jeremy <jeremy@blazonco.com> changed:

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--- Comment #13 from Jeremy <jeremy@blazonco.com> 2011-03-04 02:22:21 UTC ---
(In reply to comment #12)
> Incidentally, zewt on #whatwg pointed out you can get all the security benefits
> of your scheme using cookies:
> <zewt> (AryehGregor: not necessarily useful to that person, but if I really
> needed that, I'd probably do something along the lines of storing an encrypted
> password in the cookie with a key on the server, so the server can decrypt it
> for each request and then throw it away)
> That way the server still doesn't have to store any credential info that an
> attacker could profitably compromise.

1. For the spoofing attack, now I just have to figure out where you store the
key.  Or are you generating a new key on each request?  No matter how many
levels of indirection you put between me and the stored session key, I can
still get to it.  There is simply no way to make it impossible; only really

2. You're still storing your database credentials using this mechanism.

Anyway, Hixie has made the decision.  If he doesn't see what I'm trying to say
then I doubt anyone else on the WG would.  What a shame - we had a chance here
to provide a way to pass credentials directly from the user's brain to backend
services without having to store them on the web server.  Would have been great
for security; in fact I think it would have soon become an industry-wide best
practice if the UA support was there.  Oh well.  I'll set it to CLOSED.

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