[Bug 11452] should describe how to send the filename when the field is a file field. It should send the filename as "filename" parameter and its character encoding must be _charset_.


--- Comment #5 from Anne <annevk@opera.com> 2011-02-16 09:57:32 UTC ---
So the problems are:

* Incorrect with respect to encodings. I.e. what octets are to be transmitted.
* Suggests files can be send together while they should be in separate fields
for compatibility with existing server software.

In general processing on the server for this type is pretty restricted while
the RFC seems to allow for countless of ways to encode things. The RFC is also
very hard to read for something that comes down to encoding a bit of data.

One way to avoid upsetting people much might be to give a serialization
algorithm in the HTML specification, effectively subsetting RFC 2388. (Though
the encoding problem pointed out here would presumably be a willful

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