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[Bug 11673] I need to send live data from device to URL on remote system. Would be nice to connect WebSocket, but simple access to buffer callback to package and send data to remote URL. Having access to data after closing recording interupts asynchronous processin

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--- Comment #2 from Marvin McFadin <dakan@aol.com> 2011-02-07 22:48:06 UTC ---
The last draft I saw only had provision for spooling device data (in my case
sound) and when recording is stopped a spool file can be accessed for the
binary data.

My application requires a live stream of buffered recorded audio (voice) to be
sent to remote server, where the audio data may be immediately and
asynchronously processed and an asynchronous result sent back the client and
for each segment of time of the continuous live stream.

My application may send a stream of live data for between a few seconds to
several minutes in length.  The latter would make the use of the file based API

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