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--- Comment #4 from Glenn Adams <glenn@skynav.com> 2011-02-03 22:58:19 UTC ---
Ian, really, this only needs a simple fix. Notwithstanding your comment below
that "it is explicitly
explained", in fact, the first time you use it in the document (in section 2.4
"UTF-8") you don't explain it. You need an explanation like:

The following rules employ a typographic convention that notionally maps to a
switch statement. Each bullet (&#x21AA;) expresses a condition, followed
optionally by other conditions, and finally a consequence (result) after a
sequence of conditions. If some condition is satisfied, then the consequence
obtains, then the switch terminates (i.e., the consequence includes an implied
'break'). Conditions are processed from the first to the last, until one holds
or none is satisfied.

My original comment was that you might want to include a generic description
like this in the typographic conventions section 1.7.2.


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