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[Bug 15304] Nested <META> tags in <HEAD>

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Date: Thu, 22 Dec 2011 12:10:54 +0000
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--- Comment #4 from Leonard Rosenthol <lrosenth@adobe.com> 2011-12-22 12:10:52 UTC ---
Your example is one of what I would traditionally called "document level
metadata" - semantic information about the document as a whole that is not
directly connected to any specific content.  For example, the "Document
Information" in PDF, OOXML or ODF or the <metadata> tag of EPUB.

Looking at those, I think this gives you two additional options - though either
would require changes to the HTML5 language.

1 - Make the metadata tag of EPUB part of HTML5.  That would be align the two
standards even closer, and mean that EPUB has one less "special addition" from
the core HTML5 specification.

2 - Define a way to embed and/or reference XMP (ISO 16684-1), the industry
standard XML/RDF-based metadata scheme used in PDF, JPEG, PNG, etc.

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