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[Bug 15278] Adding Islamic calendar support in HTML5

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--- Comment #4 from Cameron Jones <cmhjones@gmail.com> 2011-12-21 16:39:07 UTC ---
To limit the scope of this issue i think it should be regarded only in terms of
presentational localization and forgoing being wrapped up in an orthogonal and
far less important issue of text-encoding date\time values. The latter is only
of concern for programmer client-server communication and without any real
standards in this area is not a frontier which HTML should be concerned with.

The presentational aspect of localization is of far greater importance as this
is for communicating the representation of values for end users who are
nontechnical and also shouldn't be expected to be multi-cultural or
multi-lingual or of capability in deciphering localizational discrepancies
within browser-rendered html documents.

As noted, the presentational rendering of date\time values is well trodden
ground in other programming languages, systems and applications. This tends to
be implemented through a locale-based system, however BFP-47 together with
Unicode extensions provide the necessary means for defining full language,
script, territory, calendar and collation information. For example, the
following is valid BCP-47 language tag as well as a valid Unicode locale


Which is interpreted as:

Language: German("de")
Script: Latin("Latn")
Territory: Germany("DE")
Calendar("ca"): Gregorian("gregory")
Collation("co"): Phonebook("phonebk")

This means that the following should be all that is required for a date input
field to be formatted by the browser within the islamic calendar scale:

<input type="date" lang="en-u-ca-islamic"/>

This information is available within BCF-47 and already within specification
and thoroughly implemented in other languages\systems.

This bug is related to 13408:

Unicode Locale Extension (ā€˜uā€™) for BCP 47:


Java BCP-47 Extension Support:

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