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[Bug 13929] The microdata vCard and vEvent vocabularies support global identifiers, but the RFC UID formats are invalid URLs

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--- Comment #1 from Oli Studholme <w3.org@boblet.net> 2011-08-28 15:04:19 UTC ---
itemids must be valid URLs, however the spec example microdata vocabularies
give no guidance to valid global identifiers. The example UIDs listed in the
referred RFCs also don’t appear to be one of the IANA URI schemes, eg:

“The type can include the type parameter "TYPE" to specify the format
   of the identifier. The TYPE parameter value should be an IANA
   registered identifier format. The value can also be a non-standard
Type example: UID:19950401-080045-40000F192713-0052”

“Property Parameters: Non-standard property parameters can be
   specified on this property.
Description: The UID itself MUST be a globally unique identifier. The
   generator of the identifier MUST guarantee that the identifier is
   unique. There are several algorithms that can be used to accomplish
   this. The identifier is RECOMMENDED to be the identical syntax to the
   [RFC 822] addr-spec.
Example: The following is an example of this property:

As itemid is entirely up to the vocabulary it’d help ppl to understand itemid
usage if these specs were clear about what global identifiers are valid,
ideally with an example using a global identifier. This would also help
vocabulary writers (schema.org) to clearly define global identifiers —
http://schema.org/Book only defines ISBN as an itemprop currently.


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