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[Bug 12925] in the 1st example 3 'hr' are used like an anonymous 'h#' => 'hr' should move to 4.4. The final 'hr' is of a different kind and wouldn't be there if we had lists ('dl' here) nested inside 'p'. The second example is mostly like the first three 'hr', i.e. a

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Christoph Päper <bugzilla@crissov.de> changed:

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--- Comment #5 from Christoph Päper <bugzilla@crissov.de> 2011-08-23 08:37:08 UTC ---
> It's more like a paragraph than a heading.

Only in the second case. Leave this, i.e. the sequence (p, (list | address |
block…)+, hr) making ‘hr’ end an extended paragraph, as the only valid use case
for ‘hr’ and I’m satisfied.

> It's just a thematic break, it's not a whole new section.

The first and third examples don’t make that clear. Remove them or move them to
4.4 (heading elements) and change "<hr>" to "<h2></h2>" as an example for when
an empty heading is useful.

Tracker issue title: Clear semantics for ‘hr’
Tracker issue text: Current examples suggest ‘hr’ could be used as kind of an
empty or anonymous heading. If that is a valid use case, ‘hr’ should be grouped
with other heading elements, if it is not, the examples should be changed.

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