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[Bug 12925] in the 1st example 3 'hr' are used like an anonymous 'h#' => 'hr' should move to 4.4. The final 'hr' is of a different kind and wouldn't be there if we had lists ('dl' here) nested inside 'p'. The second example is mostly like the first three 'hr', i.e. a

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--- Comment #3 from Christoph Päper <bugzilla@crissov.de> 2011-08-17 00:35:55 UTC ---
4.5.2 Example 1

      <p>There are various methods of communication. …</p>
      <p>Communication stones …</p>
      <p>Radios …</p>
      <p>Signal flares …</p>

In this part the 3 <hr> could be replaced by 3 <h2>, because they divide the
section “Communication” into subsections “Stones”, “Radios” and “Flares”, hence
they are ‘anonymous headings’ and therefore belong into section 4.4.

      <p>All food at the project is rationed:</p>
      <p>Cooking is done by the chefs on a set rotation.</p>

Here the sequence <p/><dl/><hr/> is used, because <p><dl/></p> is not possible
in HTML. This is a different use of ‘hr’: it works at the paragraph level, not
on the heading level, as above.

4.5.2 Example 2 (Pandora's Star by Peter F. Hamilton)

  The scene change, represented in the printed book by a gap
  containing a solitary centered star between the second and third paragraphs,
  is here represented using the hr element.

In this case, again, ‘hr’ works like an anonymous subheading. Instead of
<h1/><p/>…<hr/><p/>…<h1/>… one could have written
<h1/><h2/><p/>…<h2/><p/>…<h1/>… just as well. The difference to the first part
of the first example is that here all text belongs to a scene (‘h2’) and no
text to the chapter (‘h1’) directly, whereas there the chapter had an
introduction before the first sub-heading.

In conclusion, ‘hr’ works either as an anonymous, implicit heading, usually one
level lower than the last explicit one, or as a delayed paragraph end mark,
which is below the lowest heading level. If we stripped it of the first
function, it would fit where it is now, if we stripped it of its second
function it would fit nicely with ‘h1’ through ‘h6’, but if it is left as is it
fits neither place really.

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