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(In reply to comment #2)
> - Underlines are sometimes used as a diacritic, to indicate that a letter
>   has a different pronunciation to its non-underlined form.
> - single underline used on manuscripts to indicate the italic typeface to
>   be used

As Ian mentioned, the first case should be handled with a proper diacritic, not
with markup. In the second case, the markup used should be determined based on
the structure of the text, not its styling in the manuscript. CSS can then be
used to assign an underline in place of the default styling for the markup
(whatever that markup happens to be). HTML markup is not a presentation
language: asking it to represent manuscript styling is inappropriate.

As for the original use case, the correct markup would be <i>. From the spec:
  # The i element represents a span of text ... offset from the normal prose.
Stylistically offsetting a proper name is an appropriate use of this markup.

With regards to styling, if necessary it can be subclassed, but since italics
are not used in Chinese generally,
  i:lang(zh) { font-style: normal; text-decoration: underline; ]
should be adequate.

I recommend to close this issue.

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