[Bug 9590] Consider "prefix--" instead of "_prefix-" as a pattern for proprietary extensions


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--- Comment #5 from Leif Halvard Silli <xn--mlform-iua@xn--mlform-iua.no>  2010-09-25 21:58:45 ---
(1)  That _vendor  to some developer is ugly, should be considered an 
irrelevant issue

(2)  vendor--feature, in contrast to _vendor-feature, can also be used in
element names: <vendor--element></vendor--element>.  Whether that is an
advantage or an disadvantage depends on the angle one looks at it from ...  But
regardless what HTML5 says, one _must assume_ that, sooner or later, vendors
*will* make use of this syntax in elements as well as in attributes.

(3) As justifcation for my conclusion in (2), take a look at vendor prefixes in

      In CSS, then -vendor-feature is *typically* used for properties - and
this has no effect on other browsers's ability to read the non-vendor
properties. *However*, -vendor-feature is *also* used in selectors, even in
pseudeo-selectors and pseudo-elements (Mozilla has some of those and Webkti
also has them in meda quieries). And when used in pseudo elements/selectors,
then user agents from other vendors are required, per the CSS rules, to ignore
the the entire selector - which is a feature that can be, and is used, used to
target particular user agents.

     Thus, even if _vendor-feature is chosen for HTML5, vendors could still
enable support for such elements, while other vendors would then be required to
ignore such elements (per HTML5's parsing rules).

(4) Both <_vendor-element> and <vendor--element> works in the XML

(5) That  _vendor--feature creates problems w.r.t. <!-- <i ven--dor > -->,
could be considered a feature as well - if one wants to discourage use of this

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