[Bug 9776] Percentages for text positioning don't seem better than using the actual video dimensions. If you require integer percentages, then it doesn't work well for videos larger than 100px high. If not, then it's just an arbitrary resizing of the dimensions (sli


--- Comment #2 from Alexander Strange <astrange+w3@gmail.com>  2010-09-25 19:56:11 ---
This is mine - I meant that subtitle files could define their own pixel
dimensions, and then coordinates could be resized to match the video.

This is how SSA works and it's quite successful - explicitly positioned text
uses pixels, but text that just needs to be "center lower left" just has the
alignment set to "center lower left", avoiding having to think about pixels and
the size of the text box entirely.

Obviously none of this is a problem if you allow non-integer coordinates, since
any size can be resized into 0-100% using floating point. And it would avoid
needing to add a dimension header to the file as well.

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