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[Bug 10244] The processing is not defined if the <ruby> content model is violated (e.g. if there are multiple <rt> elements, more than 2 <rp> elements, mis-ordered <rp> elements, and so forth.

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--- Comment #11 from Boris Zbarsky <bzbarsky@mit.edu>  2010-09-24 16:38:27 ---
The HTML5 spec requires defining how the 'ruby', 'ruby-text', and 'ruby-base'
display types interact, in arbitrary configurations.

CSS3 Ruby defines the behavior one the "one 'ruby-base' with multiple
'ruby-text's" case in terms of 'ruby-text-container' boxes.  And it defines
that you can only use 'ruby-text-container' with 'ruby-base-container'.  So at
that point handling the HTML5 stuff requires support for all the ruby display
types in CSS3 Ruby, and then elements can be styled with those types in
arbitrary combinations.  And then where is the difference, exactly?

Now maybe you're suggesting that CSS3 Ruby should be rewritten in such a way as
to support the HTML5 stuff without pulling in the container box types?  Or that
one should allow container boxes created to handle CSS Ruby but not allow
specifying those display types in stylesheets?  I'd be fine with either of
those approaches, if it's actually less work than full CSS3 Ruby support... is
it?  Hard to tell, since we don't have a processing model defined for any of
those options.

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