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[Bug 10481] Default role of <IMG> should be "img"

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Date: Sat, 11 Sep 2010 19:19:16 +0000
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--- Comment #40 from steve faulkner <faulkner.steve@gmail.com>  2010-09-11 19:19:16 ---
(In reply to comment #38)
> (In reply to comment #37)
> > (In reply to comment #36)
> > 
> > > But, per the current draft, you do need to specify role="img" to images with a
> > > non-empty "alt" if you want them exposed as images to platform accessibility
> > > APIs.
> > 
> > I cannot find this in the spec. Can you point out where this is specified?
> I guess it's specified by omission, in that no default role is specified for
> "img" with non-empty "alt", and given the editor closed this bug as WONTFIX, I
> guess that's a correct interpretation. The spec could be clearer on this point,
> for example by including "img" with non-empty "alt" in the list of "elements in
> HTML [that] have no default role and no restrictions on what roles can be
> applied to those elements".

the spec says:

"User agents are required to implement ARIA semantics on all HTML elements, as
defined in the ARIA specifications. The implicit ARIA semantics defined below
must be recognized by implementations."

Unless its explicitly stated the user agents must not map <img alt="some text">
to a graphic role in an accessibility API they can can continue to do so and be
conforming to the spec.

I am not disagreeing that the editor intent or desire is to forbid user agents
from mapping an <img alt="some text"> to a graphic role in platform
accessibility APIs, but unless it is specified, it is not correct to say that
user agents need to do it, it is not up to anybody to try to divine what the
editor has specified by omission.

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