[Bug 9659] Initial U+0000 should not set frameset-ok to "not ok"


--- Comment #10 from Henri Sivonen <hsivonen@iki.fi>  2010-09-10 20:36:09 ---
Eric, I can't tell if your comment was meant in favor or against doing what I
suggested in comment 3. It seemed to me that WebKit is discarding U+0000 in
text content in states other than "in text" and "in foreign content" just like
Firefox. Firefox has a dedicated token for U+0000, so the communication is
unidirectional when the special token is passed to the tree builder. The tree
builder decides whether to emit U+FFFD or to discard the token.

Spec-wise, I'm suggesting not having "preprocessing the input stream" as a step
before tokenization but letting the tokenizer see U+0000. The implementation in
Gecko has always shown U+0000 and carriage return to the tokenizer.

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