[Bug 10167] HTML5 Polyglot spec breaks RDFa case sensitivity


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--- Comment #2 from Eliot Graff <eliotgra@microsoft.com>  2010-09-09 00:26:16 ---

Do you have someplace specific for me to point to to reference the last
sentence of this change?

I've updated the spec to read as such:

6.2.3 Attribute Values

Polyglot markup uses lowercase letters for the values of the attributes in the
following list when they exist on HTML elements. More specifically, where
required, polyglot markup must use lower case letters for all ASCII letters in
these attribute values; however, case requirements do not apply to non-ASCII
letters such as Greek, Cyrillic, or non-ASCII Latin letters. For attribute
values on HTML elements other than those in the following list, polyglot markup
may use mixed case letters.

Because XML is case sensitive, polyglot markup also requires case to be
consistent for values between markup, DOM APIs, and CSS. In addition, polyglot
markup respects the case sensitivity of all other attribute values. Although
polyglot markup must always have lowercase values of the attributes in the
following list when they exist on HTML elements, attributes not in this list
and attributes on non-HTML elements may have values made of mixed case letters.
Note that other specifications, such as RDFa, may place additional restrictions
on the allowed values of certain attributes. 



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