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[Bug 10581] Drop the color input type

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Date: Wed, 08 Sep 2010 21:41:18 +0000
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--- Comment #5 from Tab Atkins Jr. <jackalmage@gmail.com>  2010-09-08 21:41:16 ---
(In reply to comment #4)
> Actually, I believe the Webkit implementation is still in effect? Unless
> there's another bug where it was removed.

It may still be around in the public builds, but I'm fairly certain it's gone
in higher channels, which means it'll disappear as autoupdate proceeds.

> Regardless, following is a description of using one color picker, the YUI 2
> Color Picker Control:
> http://developer.yahoo.com/yui/colorpicker/#using
> Notice how much control a web developer or designer has? And this is just one
> from the many we can choose from.
> Most color pickers provide a great number of UI customizations. Whether to show
> the hex value, whether to just show colors, how to display the colors, whether
> to show the RGB values--whether to enable input of a hex or RGB value directly.
> Alpha transparency support. 
> This color picker gives us none of this. None. Zero, zip. You get what the
> browser companies give you, and that's it. 
> So no, it fares poorly, abysmally, compared to what we have had in the last six
> years since the color picker input type was first proposed.

Color pickers, like date pickers, offer the potential of quite a lot of UI
customization.  In practice, date pickers don't need that level of UI
customization to be perfectly usable for the vast majority of authors.  I
believe color pickers are the same.  As long as the color picking doesn't suck,
I'll be more than happy to just use it.

As with date pickers, authors who really do want advanced control over the
widget's display can continue to use javascript-based implementations like they
do today.  I strongly believe that the fraction who will go to the effort of
doing so when they could instead just write <input type=color> in their pages
will be minuscule.

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