[Bug 10455] Mint a describedby attribute for the img element


--- Comment #81 from Gregory J. Rosmaita <oedipus@hicom.net>  2010-09-08 19:44:53 ---
longdesc and D-links in W3C documents

as a member of the (now-defunct) Rich Web Applications Backplane Incubator
Group (RWAB XG), i ensured that the RWAB XG's final report 


contained a long description for each illustration contained in the report...
(ironically, i had to write them with a sighted assistant, since i was the one
who pushed for them)

there was some concern on the part of other XG members that since longdesc is
spottily implemented, it would be prudent to supplement the longdesc value by
providing a "modern" D-Link, that is a link which appears on the visual palette


where the underscores mark the beginning and the end of the descriptive text,
as was the model provided by CSS2, which provided redundant D links as a means
of providing support for the long descriptions contained in CSS2 as an "until
user agent..." strategy, as then recommended by WCAG 1.0; the problem with such 
a strategy is that by using repeated link text (namely "D") to refer to
different resources 

in the RWAB XG document, the D link concept was "modernized" using WCAG 2.0
Technique C7 to provide contextual content which is hidden from the visual
palette using CSS overflow; this was done in order to make it possible for
users to differentiate between the 9 D-links by providing contextualization for
each D-link 

<p><img longdesc="figure1.html" src="figure1.gif" 
alt="Figure 1: Layers of a Rich Internet Application" /></p>

<p>Figure 1: Layers of the Rich Web Application Backplane [<a 
title="description of Figure 1: Layers of the Rich Web Application"
>D<span class="context">escription of Figure 1</span></a>]</p>

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