[Bug 10525] Please try to improve Bugzilla's accessibility/usability problems before Last Call


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> Actually this isn't a bug that's specific for HTML5, it affects the entire W3C
> bug tracking system.
> Max Kanat-Alexander who works on Bugzilla in Mountain View sent me a tweet that
> accessibility should be improved with version 3.6 [1] The installed version at
> the W3C is 3.2.6.
> I'd suggest updating to a current version and switching to UTF-8 (checking data
> integrity might be necessary afterwards).
> I'll try to find out if and how the templates could be adapted then.
> In the meantime Paul Cotton raised the issue 2010-09-01 with the W3C systems
> team where it will be taken care of. Therefore I'd suggest to close the bug
> here.
> Cheers,
>   Martin

Hi Martin, 

Many thanks to Paul for raising the problem with the W3C systems team.

Yes, Bugzilla accessibility/usability problems affects the entire W3C bug
tracking system.

However, it is specific to HTML5 because HTML5 is relying on Bugzilla as a
major component in its decision process. I expect many people will be trying to
use Bugzilla to raise bugs on HTML5 and encounter the same problems that
Gregory encounterd.

It may discourage HTML5 input and shut some people out of the process.

Other W3C groups seem to have made modifications to Bugzilla, for instance

They also seem to use a different comment form:

It might be helpful to get some advice from the WCAG folks.

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