[Bug 10455] Mint a describedby attribute for the img element


--- Comment #72 from Gregory J. Rosmaita <oedipus@hicom.net>  2010-09-02 21:00:58 ---
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i, for one, have maintained from the beginning that a verbose description
mechanism is NOT only for those who cannot process an image at all, but that it
has benefits for many other user groups:  for example, a user with an extremely
limited viewport may only be able to process the information contained in the
image through the direction and guidance provided by the verbose descriptor;
likewise, it is relatively easy, using simple CSS, to make a strong visual
binding between a verbose descriptor and the object it describes -- a box of a
certain color could be generated to provide a color-coded border for an image
for which a verbose descriptor has been defined/cited and the same color
could be used as a background color for the description of the object bounded
by that background color (optimally, a the user could use an intelligent user
agent to provide such visual bindings through the use of a client side style
sheet, which is a process that i and others have been waiting and suggesting
for a long time that an intelligent user agent will assist end users in
creating client-side style-sheets through a "wizard" type interface, so that an
end user need not know CSS in order to designate client-side styling)

this is why i have oft articulated the mantra: "a verbose descriptor
should not be an either-or option for a user -- there are users who 
will benefit greatly from the description even though they are capable
of visually processing the described image, in whole or in part

this is an aspect of the verbose descriptor requirment (whether met 
by longdesc or native describedby) i have attempted to convey in 
collecting "Verbose Descriptor Requirements" on the HTML A11y TF 


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