[Bug 7918] prefetching: allow site to deny


--- Comment #6 from Nick Levinson <Nick_Levinson@yahoo.com>  2010-01-28 03:34:34 ---
Google Chromium's developers seem to feel it's not a priority unless it's in
HTML5, and that the discussion should be within HTML5, not at the implementer's
end (<http://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=27111>, as accessed
1-22-10 & 1-27-10). My requests to some other browser makers are apparently
still pending.

I'm still puzzled by the requirement that an implementer commit before it's in
the spec. That seems to be confusing the Chromium people. By definition, if
their priority is standards compliance, adding a feature outside of compliance
takes time away from compliance development and writing the feature into the
spec increases the likelihood of it being in a browser as part of general


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