[Bug 8606] ambiguous ampersand does not include character references


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--- Comment #2 from Don Brutzman <brutzman@nps.edu>  2010-01-26 07:56:10 ---
wellll, i guess if you strictly parse the linked definition of
<a href="#syntax-text" title="syntax-text">text</a>,
then the complete character reference only comprises a single
<a href="#syntax-text" title="syntax-text">text</a>
character.  nevertheless the individual characters that follow that initial
ampersand within a character reference would otherwise be considered plain text
if they weren't in that context.

due to overloaded terminology, this logic can get convoluted and doesn't seem
immediately obvious to a reader trying to understand the definition.

re-reading the definition for ambiguous ampersand still seems to me to include
the characters making up character reference.

inserting the phrase "that is not a valid character reference" explictly
disambiguates such a possible misperception and reinforces the sense of the
definition.  thus i again suggest inserting that phrase.

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