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[Bug 8379] Remove Section 4.11.1 The Details Element

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Date: Mon, 11 Jan 2010 01:38:41 +0000
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Aleksey <anime4christ@gmail.com> changed:

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--- Comment #12 from Aleksey <anime4christ@gmail.com>  2010-01-11 01:38:41 ---
How about if we use details/legend, but also allow an intermediate form until
browsers catch up: the first child of details with the role of "legend" could
be used instead of legend as well. Another, less desirable, solution could be
an attribute in details that selects the element that acts as "legend" the way
form elements have a form attribute.

Examples of solution 1:
  <span role="legend">Summary</span>
  <p>Long story</p>

  <p role="legend">The Legend...</p>
  <p>of HTML 5.</p>

  <legend><span role="legend">Details</span></legend>
  <p>Fall back is partially possible with this method</p>

Examples of solution 2:
<h2 id="details_legend1">Details</h2>
<details legend="#details_legend1">
  <p>The gory details</p>

<details legend="#legend2">
  <span id="legend2">Dislike</span>
  <p>I dislike the second solution because of its complexity,
    but it would be okay if there was no other way.</p>

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