[Bug 11295] Make script-inserted external scripts that have .async=false execute in the insertion order, default to true


--- Comment #10 from Kyle Simpson <w3c@getify.myspamkiller.com> 2010-12-30 18:46:23 UTC ---
(in reply to comment #9)

Actually, the REAL reason those pages are not yet "breaking" in Webkit
nightlies is described in this comment:


I've now discovered that Webkit's change to stop fetching scripts with
unrecognized types was *only* applied to markup script tags, whereas LABjs and
other script loaders use dynamic script elements.

As you (Adam) awknowledged there, the change probably *should* have been
applied to both parser-inserted scripts AND script-inserted scripts, so it's a
probably a bug that Webkit will likely address quickly to bring behavior in
line with intentions.

I'm quite certain that when Webkit *does* apply the change also to
script-inserted script elements, we'll have a better example of how a site can
break by not being able to "preload".

Those sites are avoiding "preloading" (to the detriment of performance) because
they don't want to be blind-sided by LABjs breaking if Webkit does in fact
release a breaking change, which is obviously going to happen sooner than

Just because they're making that performance tradeoff for more stability
doesn't mean it's not a perfectly valid use-case, that needs to be addressed.

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