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Hi Aryeh,

(In reply to comment #11)
> To clarify for those not familiar with the HTMLWG Decision Policy: the
> TrackerIssue keyword means that the bug will be escalated at some point to a
> request for Change Proposals.  Anyone can then submit arguments for why it
> should or should not be conforming.  If there's at least one argument submitted
> on each side, the HTMLWG co-chairs will decide the issue and may overrule the
> editor (at least with respect to the W3C version of the spec).

I'm not sure that anyone can submit a change proposal. Unless there are
extenuating circumstances, it seems that the HTML Chairs want non-HTML working
group members to join the HTML working Group to be eligible to submit change

Check HTMLWG Decision Policy Bug 10524 - Please clarify procedure and recourse
for non-working group members when they are unsatisfied with a bug resolution
comment 21: 

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