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[Bug 11295] Make script-inserted external scripts that have .async=false execute in the insertion order, default to true

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Date: Wed, 29 Dec 2010 18:27:37 +0000
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--- Comment #4 from Kyle Simpson <w3c@getify.myspamkiller.com> 2010-12-29 18:27:36 UTC ---
To explain further the motivations behind this proposal (and Mozilla's
implementation of it):

With respect to the underlying functionality being requested:

Scripts that are added as script tags in the HTML markup have the ability to
choose if the author wants them to execute in insertion-order or in "as soon as
possible" order. This is of course the `async` attribute.

However, it is strange and frustrating (as described above) that script
elements which are dynamically added to the DOM do *not* have the ability to
choose between these two ordering modes.

The functionality request is to make the "async" feature symmetrical between
parser-inserted scripts and script-inserted scripts. That is, an author should
be able to set `true` or `false` on the `async` property on a script-inserted
script element just like they can add or withhold the `async` attribute in
markup for parser-inserted script elements.

With respect to the `async` property default value being `true` instead of

According to the way the spec currently reads, a spec-conforming browser should
treat a script-inserted script element in such a way that it executes "as soon
as possible". This means that a script-inserted script element currently
behaves in most ways very similar to a parser-inserted script element that the
`async` attribute set on it. 

It therefore makes some sense (again, consistency and symmetry wise) to default
the script-inserted script element's `async` property to `true` to reflect this
behavioral relationship.

Moreover, it's EXTREMELY important that the addition in browsers and the spec
be done in a way that this augmented behavior (selecting ordering behavior on
script-inserted script elements by setting the `async` property) be

Since currently all browsers that implement the "async" functionality default
the `async` property on script-inserted script elements to `false`, I suggested
that changing the default to be `true` would kill two birds with one stone: it
would bring the `async` property more into semantic line with the current
spec'd behavior for script-inserted script elements, but it would also provide
a reasonable feature-test for the new behavior.

By creating a dynamic script element and examining the default value of the
`async` property, an author can know if they are in a browser implementing this
augmented behavior or not.

var async_ordering = (document.createElement("script").async === true);

In fact, now that Mozilla did this with FF4b8, and LABjs updated to do that
feature-test, it proves the viability of that approach because LABjs now works
just fine in both FF4b8 with the proposal implementation, and in older FF's
(and other browsers) without the proposal implemented.

If we switched the spec AND preserved the default value and behavior as `false`
(aka, insertion-ordered), how could we feature-test for this?

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