[Bug 11064] unstated requirement to be valid.


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> Hi David.
> Reviewing this bug, I think I am finally getting that your desire is to have a
> DTD created that would encompass that subset of HTML5 (+mathml+svg) that
> intersects with valid XML and that is also compliant with the goal of polyglot
> markup:

partly, but actually it's that because the scope of the document is unclear it
makes it very hard to review whether the constraints specified are sufficient
to achieve the stated aim.

If the intention is to document the extra constraints that are needed for a
valid html5 document to be a well formed xml document that parses to an
equivalent dom then the specification does not give enough constraints.
For example it does not say that end tags must be explicit.
is valid html5 but must be marked as
to be well formed XML.

Conversely, if the intention is to document the extra constraints that are
needed for a valid html5 document that is well formed XML to satisfy so that
the html and xml dom trees are compatible then there are many redundant rules
given in the spec, for example saying that attributes be quoted, or doctype be

I think that the document should be explicit which of these it is intending.
I would recommend the latter.

> If we had a person or team who could create such as DTD, I think that would be
> fantastic. I would still want to keep the descriptions in this guide in
> addition to that resource, though. This guide enables authors to see--at a
> glance--what the rules are. 

I think that a mechanical representation of the rules (perhaps better in
schematron or relaxng than dtd) would be a lot shorter than the document, so
actually easier to see at a glance.

> They would then not have to parse the entire DTD to
> infer those things that are unique to polyglot markup.

I would only write a grammar that specified the extra constraints that a
document known to be valid html5 and well formed xml needs to satisfy.
There is no need to duplicate the validation of the whole of html5.

> If you are willing to undertake the creation of such a resource, 

I'm not willing to commit to providing one, but I might, I have some holiday
coming up....

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