[Bug 11499] make clear whether value attribute on input[type='button'] element can be empty


--- Comment #3 from Michael(tm) Smith <mike@w3.org> 2010-12-08 04:39:46 UTC ---
(In reply to comment #2)
> The spec draws a clear distinction between an attribute being absent and it
> being present but empty.  <input type=button value=''> is perfectly fine.

Sorry if my bug description isn't clear. I understand what the difference is
between an attribute being absent vs. being present but empty. What I'm asking
to have clarified is whether <input type=button value=''> should be fine in
this particular case or not.

The change that was made for bug 10710 was for the spec to state that "A label
for the button must be provided". So I guess the question I'm asking is, do we
want the empty string count as a label in this case, or not (should a
conformance checker emit an error message if it's empty)?

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