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[Bug 11395] Use media queries to select appropriate <track> elements

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Date: Sat, 04 Dec 2010 00:11:51 +0000
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--- Comment #5 from David Singer <singer@apple.com> 2010-12-04 00:11:50 UTC ---
Silvia: you're right, in that this is a slight extension of the 'display' to
include the user's reception of the presented material, so it is a conceptual
extension of media queries.

then, on "On top of this, there will be user settings in browsers for the
tracks to be active by default. If the kind/lang combination of a track matches
a user's preferences, the track will automatically be turned on." -- we have a
system that delivers an on/off signal, and it's called media queries.  Rather
than inventing a new 'type' indicator, which is what we're doing, I'd like to
explore using the existing one. 

Particularly, this (a) allows the rest of the page to respond as well (so,
trivially, I could show something that confirms I see your preference "captions
enabled") and (b) if we can 'style' the tracks in the video element as well as
the element itself, then (perhaps) the layout of that element and the rest of
the page can change (allowing by-side captioning rather than overlay, if
desired, for example).

that was my broad vision, anyway...

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