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[Bug 11402] One problem of todays JavaScript libraries is, that the client has to download the same library over and over again, while visiting multiple sites. One could use services like Google Libraries API for a central location, but that introduces new points of

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--- Comment #11 from Shelley Powers <shelleyp@burningbird.net> 2010-12-02 19:29:06 UTC ---
Visiting any number of sites, once we get past the multitude of DNS lookups
because of the two dozen or so "social networking" widgets embedded throughout
the page, you'll then spend enormous amounts of time downloading big images in
ads, and not to mention videos, as well as waiting for Google Analytics and
whatever else to load--once it's all been dredged up from an over-burdened
database (both at the site, and at remote locations, in the case of remotely
managed ads, comments, and so on).

You'll drum your fingers on your iPad, waiting for all this cruft to load. The
one thing you probably won't have to wait long for is that tiny JavaScript

I as a web developer can tell you one thing: when I create a web application
using a JavaScript library, I want you to load what I tell you to load. I don't
want to risk someone hacking through the security--which they will, which we
know they will--and doing who knows what to my readers or my site, because of
all the magnitude of garbage that gets loaded into a web page, we don't want to
load something like jQuery (26kb) more than once.

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