[Bug 11449] The current specification and implementation of <input type="date"> using yyyy-mm-dd format will be unacceptable to many of our corporate customers. Also, only allowing times in <input type="date"> to be in 24 hour clock will cause serious delays in our b


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> However, if we assume that the OP *was* asking for direct author control over
> the display of dates and times, then, well, that's a horrible idea.  The entire
> *point* of the datetime inputs is to offer the display in whatever fashion the
> user most desires.  Giving control over this to the author defeats that and is
> directly and explicitly bad for i18n.  If I were European and was used to
> seeing dates as "DD/MM/YYYY", I would *not* want an ignorant American developer
> setting the displayed value to use the format "MM-DD-YYYY", *especially* if I'm
> used to other sites leaving the displayed value to the default so the browser
> respects my locale conventions.

I think consistency within a site is much more expected and valuable than
consistency between sites, for things that visually appear to be part of the
site.  More generally, lack of styleability is a clear deficiency of the new
HTML5 inputs compared to existing solutions, and we might need to give authors
a lot of control before the inputs will be widely used.

However, I don't think there's any way to say for sure what's needed until
browsers have basic implementation down.  In all likelihood, there will be some
companies or governments that demand some particular formatting, but it will
probably be the same formatting that their browser uses by default, and they
won't realize people in other locales will see things differently, so they
won't care.

I'd reclose the bug as LATER, but I'm not actually sure people other than the
editor should really be resolving bugs that aren't clearly garbage.

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