[Bug 10809] i18n comment 3 : new attribute: submitdir


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> > 1. I am not in love with the "dirname" name. How about "add-direction-as"?
> I'm not in love with "dirname" either, but it has some distinct advantages:
> it's short, its name is formed from the names of the two attributes to which it
> is most closely related, and it is accurate (it gives the "name" of the "dir",
> just like "name" gives the "name" of the field). I don't think either
> "add-direction-as" nor "adddirection" are better; they're longer, don't fit the
> style of HTML attribute names (insofar as there is a style), and are no more
> intuitive.
I am inferring that you are happy with "dir" here -- although in an earlier
posting you said:  "people think "submitdir" means "the
directory you submit to" (similar to "action"; someone even suggested renaming
it "actiondir")" and I thus thought you opposed "dir;" if we are going to use
"dir" then to me "submidir" or "adddir" seems better well "adddir" has 3 d's in
a row so it's not quite as palatable as "submitdir" . . . just my two cents. 
(I have no problem with "dir;" but "dirname" sounds strange to me . . .)


C. E. Whitehead

> > 2. Spec should say what happens if an actual input element with the name given
> > by dirname exists in this form. Suggested behavior was to add it on without
> > overriding.
> As far as I can tell this is completely defined already.
> > 3. Spec should say what happens when dirname is given with no value. Can't we
> > have a reasonable default, like the name value suffixed with "_dir"?
> Currently, giving no value is not valid. We could allow it and say that it
> automatically generates a field name, but given how unintuitive this is
> already, I'm not sure adding magic here is a good idea.
> > 4. Spec should say that the value is either "ltr" or "rtl". Specifically, it is
> > never "auto", but the estimated direction.
> Everywhere where it lists what the value will be, it lists all the values and
> doesn't list "auto". Where would you add text saying that it's never "auto"?

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