[Bug 8365] Remove the Web Browsers Section 6


--- Comment #4 from Maciej Stachowiak <mjs@apple.com>  2009-11-24 20:10:47 ---
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> DOM Level 0 is a nickname, a reference to the Browser Object Model. It has
> existed separate from HTML for a decade. 
> Most of the other items you reference are not specific to HTML, XHTML, or the
> DOM. Those aspects that are related specifically to HTML, XHTML, or the DOM,
> according to what we could reasonably expect, could  be incorporated back into
> the document, into another, relevant section. 

My list was provided for quick reference purposes, for anyone else reading the

> Ask yourself something: is the DOM Level 0 necessary for ePub? For other
> non-browser applications? Are timers? Window.alert? Or are these specific needs
> for specific user agents?

See my comments below based on Apple's experience building numerous non-browser
HTML UAs, and supporting third-party developers in doing so.

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