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--- Comment #7 from Philip Taylor <excors@gmail.com>  2009-11-08 17:50:21 ---
(In reply to comment #4)
> X3D is not supported directly by UAs, and it's not clear if it ever
> will be (since there are competing 3D model serializations with similar or
> greater levels of traction). It should also be noted that purely script-based
> solutions can fix up the parsing just as easily as they can implement the
> rendering.

Maybe it should also be noted that if script-based solutions act on a certain
style of X3D-in-HTML markup, then it is likely that UAs would never be able to
directly support X3D with the same markup, else they would break content that
relies on the script-based solution.

An alternate solution specifically provided by HTML5 for embedding data to be
processed by scripts is <script type="model/x3d+xml"><X3D>...</X3D></script>.
That has its own drawbacks but may be worth considering, if the data benefits
from being inline in the HTML page.

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