[Bug 27087] New: Language about AT accessing the DOM directly should be deprecated


            Bug ID: 27087
           Summary: Language about AT accessing the DOM directly should be
           Product: HTML WG
           Version: unspecified
          Hardware: PC
                OS: All
            Status: NEW
          Severity: normal
          Priority: P2
         Component: HTML a11y APIs (editor: Steve Faulkner, Cynthia
          Assignee: faulkner.steve@gmail.com
          Reporter: dmazzoni@google.com
        QA Contact: sideshowbarker+html-a11y-api@gmail.com
                CC: mike@w3.org, public-html-admin@w3.org,

The spec reads: "For traditional static Web pages, assistive technologies, such
as screen readers, interact with user agents using the DOM. For UI elements
that are known to be interactive, such as HTML form elements and desktop
applications, assistive technologies may use platform accessibility APIs."

This language is out of date and should be deprecated.

As is clear from other bugs, simply reading the DOM is not sufficient, even for
a static web page with no interactive content. That misses out on CSS generated
content, and other rendering changes affected by CSS, for example.

The spec should mandate that user agents provide full access to an
accessibility tree that contains an accessible representation of all content
actually displayed and rendered.

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