RE: HTML WG Note publication of sourcing in-band media resources

The Chairs have discussed this matter and have a counter proposal on how to publish this material.

We believe you want to publish your document [1] along the same lines as the "Media Source Extensions Byte Stream Format Registry" was published and referenced from the MSE specification.  

MSE CR refers to the document as an Informative Reference.  See [2] and below:

  A.2 Informative references
  [REGISTRY] Aaron Colwell Media Source Extensions Byte Stream Format Registry. 02 December 2013 URL:

It is very important to get agreement that the material in your proposed document is in fact "Informative" if we are to follow this example.  Please confirm.

If you agree with this approach then we would need to:

a) Publish your document in W3C space along the lines of how we published "Media Source Extensions Byte Stream Format Registry",
b) Add an informative reference to HTML 5.0 (and HTML 5.1) to the new document.
In addition bug 25133 Comment 2 [3] seems to imply there is material in HTML that should be changed/moved to this new document.  Before we proceed the HTML WG should be explicitly informed of exactly what changes are being proposed.

A good way to carry out the above steps would be to open a HTML5.0 bug that describes the exact proposed changes and to put it before the HTML WG.

Please let us know if this proposal meets your original objectives.

HTML WG co-chair


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On 5/13/14, 8:44 AM, "Paul Cotton" <> wrote:

>I have a couple of questions about this request:
>1. License
>>This document is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 
>Are you willing to publish this under the W3C Document license and the 
>CC-BY license as per:


>2. HTML WG Note
>Notes are not usually updated.
>If you expect to make any changes to this specification should we not 
>publish it as a Working Draft first?  For example if we received 
>feedback on the specification it would be easier to accept that feedback on a
>Working Draft.   Going directly to a WG Note is actually a rare plan.

We wil request a FPWD first.

>3. Relationship to HTML 5.0 and 5.1
>I understand from reading one of referenced bugs that material included 
>in this specification would be removed from the HTML specification.  Am 
>I correct that this material would only be removed from HTML 5.1?  If 
>so then the Normative Reference should probably be changed from the 
>HTML 5.0 CR to HTML 5.1.

The document provides clarification of normative language in HTML 5.0 that aids interoperability so making the change in 5.0 would be better, assuming we can get to Note status in a timely manner.

>HTML WG co-chair
>Paul Cotton, Microsoft Canada
>17 Eleanor Drive, Ottawa, Ontario K2E 6A3
>Tel: (425) 705-9596 Fax: (425) 936-7329
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>Subject: HTML WG Note publication of sourcing in-band media resources
>Dear all,
>I would like to submit the "Sourcing In-band Media Resource Tracks from 
>Media Containers into HTML" specification for publication as an HTML WG 
>Note from the latest editors' draft here:
>The technical discussion for creating such a note can be found here:
>Bob Lund

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