Re: EME is in the scope of the HTML WG

Fred Andrews:
> I repeat, the director of the W3C has made no decision regarding
> the EME work, and this is a matter of recent public record.  Your
> communication is misleading and misrepresents the director of the
> W3C and the work of the open web community.

No, it does not.

The director (unfortunately) has decided that work on EME is in scope of
the HTML WG and also made clear that this is not considered to be a
decision regarding the later acceptance of EME as a W3C standard.

There are people (like myself) who are convinced that EME can not be
improved in a way which makes it compatible with the Open Web and
therefore think that work on EME is both a waste of time (like a
research project attempting to build a perpetuum mobile) and helping DRM

But it does not help the cause of DRM opponents at all to misrepresent
the current position of W3C management.


Received on Saturday, 28 September 2013 09:47:16 UTC