[Bug 22854] New: "" Logos, including the word "logo" in ALT


            Bug ID: 22854
           Summary: "" Logos,  including the word "logo" in ALT
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         Component: HTML5 spec
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"" Logos, insignia, flags, or emblems

Quite a few, but not all, accessibility people think the word "Logo" should be
included in the ALT for a logo. WCAG was divided on it about a year ago when
this came up. 

If the logo is a link then I can see the rational of not adding the word
"logo", because the focus is on describing the link destination (although I
don't object to including "logo" in this use case)... however, a logo is a
legal symbol, and is very specific... if it is not linked then I would suggest
it needs the word "logo" in the alt.

<img src="images/webplatform1.png" alt="web platform logo"> WebPlatform.org

I've spoken with several from the blind community about this who feel the word
"logo" does not make the alt too chatty, and it gives useful information about
the graphic.

When I asked for opinions on this in HTML5 meeting Aug 1, 2013, Janina said
that the word "logo" is "critical", (see minutes.)

At the *very* least I think we should mention that the use of the word "logo"
is optional.

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