Re: MINUTES: HTML A11Y TF Teleconference, 6 August 2015

Apologies - I was in Australia, where the meeting time was too late for  
me, and the general connetivity was too low to notify the group.

Some more comments on various items inline...

On Thu, 06 Aug 2015 18:10:00 +0200, Mark Sadecki <>

> The minutes for the HTML Accessibility Task
> Transcript Support Update -- Chaals
>   JS: chaals has been working on draft of transcript support.
>   plan to move forward as an extension.
>   ... need to determine if its ready for FPWD
>   ... Leonie has taken a look and thinks it is.
>   ... Chaals thinks it is ready
>   ... please take a look on the list and respond if there are any
>   concerns.
>   ... Will need to run this through PF and HTML
>   ... CFC
>   PC: I will look through this as well to see what shape it is
>   in.
>   ... there is an issues list. are they in Github? Trying to find
>   repo for this.
>   LW: Its still in chaals repo. if we agree this is ready for
>   FPWD, we can move it into W3C space

This is inaccurate. There is a W3C repo, following the decision of the TF  
a few weeks ago to adopt it as the spec for our work item:

As it says in the status section, issues should be filed on the TF's  
tracker. Github pull requests will be merged or rejected for specific  
changes, but I explicitly ask for issues not to be filed bia github if you  
want expeditious processing.

This was discussed in a couple of TF meetings, with that policy  
foreshadowed and later implemented.

[snipped some stuff that is irrelevant, since it missed the facts noted  

What we really do need to do is start looking for people who are prepared  
to implement some solution to this. Otherwise after a FPWD I suggest we'll  
be parking the work in a note.

> Bug Triage -- Leonie
>   LW: still in holding pattern until we find out how the HTML
>   spec work is going to evolve.
>   ... have been in discussion with Robin who is in collaboration
>   with others.
>   JS: should we still keep this on the agenda?
>   LW: yes, i think we should.

Agreed. One approach - what I am doing with accesskey, copying from the  
alt guidance - is to essentially write extension specs that replace a  
given part of HTML. For a minor bug that's probably overkill, but for an  
area that needs reworking it still makes sense.

> TF Open Actions [22]
>     [22]
>   ACTION-330, get matrix to shane on JF
>   JS: I will follow up with JF on that
>   ACTION-329 Media Descriptons topic on chaals
>   JS: chaals is not here

I wrote about this at

Rough summary - the only things obviously missing are transcript, which is  
in progress, a way to describe the poster of a video which isn't yet, and  
the fact that we have no clue how to deal with SVG although in any event  
browser implementation of SVG accessibility ranges from bad to far worse.

I propose to close that action.

> Other Business

I have started drafting an extension that would replace the accesskey  
section of HTML. It's at  
but it's not really ready yet. I need to explain why I'm doing it, with  
use cases and requirements, the algorithm needs to be fixed to deal with  
some bugs that are already filed and some more I introduced. At that  
point, hopefully next week, I'll propose it to the TF as a draft for part  
of the work item on focus management and keyboard access.

One reason for doing this now is that it follows an informal chat with  
Dominic Mazzoni, around accesskey and aria-kbdshortcuts, because I think  
the aria approach is a terrible idea. He said if I drafted this and it  
looked reasonable, he'd make it work behind a flag so we could get some  
experience and compare the approaches.


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