New A11y Use Cases

Mark Sadecki writes:
> HTML Accessibility Task Force Media Sub-Group,
> ...
> During the last Media Sub-Group teleconference, the following actions were
> taken:
> ...
> * Janina to provide new Accessibility Use Cases for Round 2
I've only managed to come up with one as follows ...

Use Case: Group Study (AKA "Cram") Session

A group of physics students at the local Institute of Technology are cramming
for finals together. As they work, they review a series of video lectures by
an eminent physicist that were included in their course materials. While the
group stops and starts the video, running it forward and back to examine on
screen presentations, the blind student among them participates by following a
braille printout of the extended video descriptions. Furthermore, the group
finds the enhanced captions available with the videos useful for their
glossary and hyperlinks to additional information, even though no one in this
particular group is hearing impaired.



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