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Where do we stand with closing out the open bugs [1] on this specification so that we get a finalized version to publish as a WG Note?



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HI Dave, thanks sorry I should have said before, could people file bugs - thanks!

file a bug -



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On 21 April 2014 15:49, David MacDonald <<>> wrote:
Hi Steve

A couple a thoughts...

1) I think screen reader users should be explicitly informed that information below is the alternative... rather than deducing it from the heading above the alternative.

alt="Flowchart: Dealing with a broken lamp.">

I would add "full description below"

alt="Flowchart: Dealing with a broken lamp. Full description below">

alt="Bar chart: Average rainfall in millimetres by Country and Season."

Same here

alt="Bar chart: Average rainfall in millimetres by Country and Season. Table of data below"

2) I'm not sure of "more than a couple of sentences" being the guidance for providing a long text alternative. I've always understood it to be if it requires more than about 100 words, OR if there is a necessity to structure it, then a long and structured description should be provided. A couple of sentences means about 20 words. Do we really want people to start requiring a long description if the alt is more than 20 words? Remember, the general public will take this document as the final word... I would like other's thoughts on this.

3) Also I think we need an example of the long description immediately following the image, where it is hidden in an expandable tag such as the Details/Summary (or a JavaScript fallback) .... every developer I know resists long text following an image because they don't want to give up the page real estate.


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On Sun, Apr 20, 2014 at 2:06 PM, Steve Faulkner <<>> wrote:

here is an updated draft of the alt text standalone doc I have been threatening to prepare but not actually delivered on until now.
Its still needs a little work, but is almost ready. This is intended to be published as a note.

HTML5: Techniques for providing useful text alternatives

W3C Editor's Draft 20 April 2014



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