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Minutes: HTML Accessibility Task Force Media Sub-Group, 31 March 2014

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Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2014 15:58:13 +0000
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The minutes for the HTML Accessibility Task Force Media Sub-Group Teleconference 31 March 2014 are available in HTML and plain text below:




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              HTML Accessibility Task Force Teleconference

31 Mar 2014

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          Mark_Sadecki, Adrian_Roselli, janina

          Mark Sadecki



     * [3]Topics
         1. [4]Identify Scribe
         2. [5]Introductions
         3. [6]Next Meeting
     * [7]Summary of Action Items

   <trackbot> Date: 31 March 2014

   <MarkS> Meeting: HTML Accessibility Task Force Media Sub-Group

Identify Scribe

   <scribe> scribe: aardrian


   JS: Been part of media sub-team since about 2010. Originally
   defined as captions only.

   MS: New to the team. Main interest is finishing user requiremts
   doc and circulating it,
   ... Also building demos to show capabilities of HTML5 and test
   support, along with documentation.

   <MarkS> AR: I've been on the TF for about a year. I'm here
   because I have an interest in media. Not sure how much I will
   bring to the group, but am willing to be a fly on the wall

   next item

   JS: I think user requirements is a priority, it has stalled.

   <MarkS> [8]Media Accessibility User Requirements

      [8] http://www.w3.org/TR/media-accessibility-reqs/

   JS: Stalled in two places.1. Stalled in PF which took up
   publishing it.
   ... Did publish as note track document, request for comments,
   took about 3 years to process the comments.
   ... Processed all the comments except 1 or 2. PF needs to be
   reminded to finish.
   ... After that stage, probably need to publish another draft.
   ... 2. Second group holding up requirements document: EO

   MS: This is the checklist?

   JS: No, descriptions of various disabilities.

   MS: Nope, it's the checklist.

   JS: Yes, EO (Education & Outreach, a WAI working group) needs
   to get busy on that section.
   ... Judy had concerns with that section and needs to address

   MS: Should one member from this group be an editor on that

   JS: Yes, will be happy to ask Michael to add you.
   ... Mark, we are naming you to other documents as well.
   ... Those are the two things holding up user requirements.
   ... I think some sections could be done better...
   ... For example, directing output of alternate track to
   alternates, such as headphones.
   ... Achievable. Allows one person in a class to hear audio, but
   not whole class.
   ... Similarly, may want to send captions to only some displays.
   ... The idea of only one display or speaker is bogus.
   ... So where you send each piece should be independently

   MS: As in "second screen?"

   JS: Yes.
   ... This isn't the only group with that requirement.

   MS: Any pointers to comments or work done in Shenzhen?

   JS: Yes, probably on xtech or PF minutes from Shenzhen, with
   ... The other group can be found in the HTML Admin mailing list
   from last year.

   MS: Is xtech a public list?

   JS: Yes.

   <MarkS> ACTION: markS to locate comments and processing notes
   from Shenzhen [recorded in

   <trackbot> Created ACTION-237 - Locate comments and processing
   notes from shenzhen [on Mark Sadecki - due 2014-04-07].

   MS: We have some bugs as well, which may be a priority for 5.0.
   ... The issue of transcript. Thought we might clean it up, add
   to 5.1?

   JS: Yes, not a 5.0 issue anymore.
   ... I owe the group a one-page concept paper describing the
   kinds of media content we need.
   ... in order for developers to build tools and tests.

   MS: You mention testing, should we look at web platform testing
   effort to see if media tests are robust enough.
   ... Noticed the onQueue event handler for <track> elements is
   not supported by anyone but IE.

   JS: I agree, I'd hate to lose that one. That's a priority.
   ... find out from the implementors if they intend to do it.

   MS: Firefox just added support for <track> driven captions
   within the last month or so.
   ... Had idea of delivering text-based audio description by
   stuffing queue changes from <track> into ARIA-Live region.
   ... But need support for oncuechange.

   AR: I don't know the onQueue handler.

   MS: IE supports it.

   <MarkS> s/oncqueue/oncuechange

   JS: And we need to keep it, it's part of HTML5. It's at risk if
   no one implements.

   AR: I didn't see that -- cue versus queue.

   JS: Primary Media Resource did not exist as a phrase until we
   came up with it in this group.

   MS: EME and other specs have picked up language from this

   AR: I'm stealing "Situational Disability" for my talk next
   month. No credit.

   MS: Based on Janina's work, we'll want to build demos and test

   JS: We have resources we didn't have a year ago, such as
   Pearson, etc.

   AR: Are these groups members in name only or are they

   JS: They are actively participating.

   MS: That just about covers our scope of work for this group.

   JS: That helps define that we don't have to keep this group
   going forever.

   next item

   AR: Already covered this in last agendum item.

   next item

   next item

   MS: We agreed about two weeks, but based on availability.

   JS: I am ok with that.

   MS: Standing agenda item at the end of each meeting to schedule
   the next meeting.

   AR: Okie dokie.

   MS: I intend to keep the wiki up to date, so it's a good place
   to review before each meeting.

   <MarkS> [10]Media Subgroup Wiki

     [10] https://www.w3.org/WAI/PF/HTML/wiki/Media_Sub-Group

Next Meeting

   MS: Should we meet again next week just because we didn't have

   AR: Conflict!

   MS: Two weeks?

   JS: Monday, April 14, 11AM EST

   zakim bye

Summary of Action Items

   [NEW] ACTION: markS to locate comments and processing notes
   from Shenzhen [recorded in

   [End of minutes]

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